Place to get Sarawak food and products

Place to get Sarawak food and products

KUALA LUMPUR,. For Sarawak-born Malaysians staying in the peninsula, they still crave for their traditional food such as Sarawak layer cake, kolok noodles, pansuh fish, kuih bongkol, celorot, kompia and asam terung.

So, it was of no surprise when the people of the Land of the Hornbills decided to open the Borneo Market in Sri Kembangan, Selangor seven years ago.

The market, which opens every Saturday from 5am to 11am, not only sells Sarawak products but also, those from Sabah.

Seri Kembangan Borneo Market Traders Association president Nelson Entap Engin, when met recently, said various local products from Sarawak and Sabah could be found at the market.

He said the market not only attracted Sarawakians and Sabahans, but also the locals.

According to Nelson, the idea of opening the market came about when he and his other Sarawakian friends had problems getting food and other products from their hometown.

Following which, they started selling Sarawak food and products on a small-scale before the business prospered and they were able to set up the Borneo Market.

Now, Sarawakians here can save on delivery cost of getting products from the state as everything is available at the Borneo Market, he said.

“The Muslims also need not worry because we ensure that all food and products sold are halal even though we also have non-Muslim traders.

“We also guarantee the cleanliness of this market.

“It is through this market we hope to introduce and promote the culture, as well as food, of the Sarawak people,” he added.

A first-timer at the Borneo Market, Martin Kiu Redan Jenis, 27, from Padawan, Sarawak, said he was able to get his favourite vegetables, such as midin, terung Dayak, or terung asam, at the market.

“Coming here (Borneo Market) also gives me the opportunity to meet other Sarawakians and enables me to communicate in my native language, Bidayuh or Iban.

“I have heard about the Borneo Market and did not expect it to be so lively. I can get almost everything that I want from Sarawak.

“They are available here,” said the soldier who has been serving in the peninsula for six years.

Meanwhile, Siti Azariah Nasir, 48, from Pahang, said she would go to the market every month to get her favourite vegetables such as midin and terung asam.

Her stay in Sarawak for seven years when she accompanied her husband who was working there, made her fond of Sarawak food, especially penyaram and Sarawak laksa.

The housewife, who speaks the Sarawak-Malay dialect fluently, said she is looking forward to the fruit harvesting season and hoped to get fruits that are only found in Sarawak and Sabah, such as buah dabai, durian isu, and others at the Borneo Market.

— Bernama

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