Re-Skilling Malaysia Programs

Our association organised a program known as ‘Re-Skilling Malaysia’. This program is created to provide job opportunities for anyone who wants to increase or up-skill their expertise in a particular field by working in a different environment.

We identified an ideal environment in New Zealand and Australia. From our observation, they had a well-balanced place and train programs that will be helpful for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge and expertise. For a start, we promoted on construction sector. Those working in this industry, were sent to either Australia and New Zealand through our contacts to be placed and get additional working experience.

For those who were lacking on English as a mode of communication, we also arranged short classes that will help them to communicate better.  By placing those in relevant industry we identified that they managed to gain more expertise and their confidence level increased. By having this additional experience it will help to propel for better job opportunities or become a successful businessman in construction sector. Even some managed to save extra amount of money, brought back to Malaysia and opened a new business in construction sector as well as introduced the latest innovation and technology from the sector.