Go Export Programs


Go Export Program (GEP)

Our association through its initiative conducted a market survey in ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand. There is a great potential to export Malaysian local products to these places.

However, we also found out from our survey, many local producers from Malaysia do not have a proper and detailed understanding to export their product overseas. Even though they experiment to export their products, some of them fail in their endeavor. To address this situation and help the local producer to export their products, our association is highly geared to pave a way to export local product internationally. We do guide all our local producers in term of financing, trading, logistics, marketing and identifying the local markets that will be suitable for them. On top of that, we have been graciously supporting Malaysian government initiative to export more products from Malaysia.

It is our main aspiration to see more Malaysian products being pushed on international market. Our local products have the best quality and a great demand from international buyers. By pushing local traders to go for international market, we can increase our economic value as well. It is also part for increasing and balancing trade surplus for the nation.

Our association has all the necessary International contacts with the local producers can leverage to export their products to overseas.

Let’s Export Malaysia’s product through GEP