Entrepreneurs Development Program

According to data from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) released in 2014, only 3 to 4 per cent Malaysians become entrepreneurs.

For record this is a small amount to reflect, compared to other developing countries.  Malaysians do have all the necessary potentials that can unleash to be successful entrepreneurs.

Since we have a good working platform in Malaysia, most of them opt to earn a simple living and do not take risk to become entrepreneurs.

In Malaysia, the living standard is comparatively in an average status. We are in the middle status quo of urban poverty which is classified as B40 meaning that those earning below RM3,000. Those earning below that category is placed under B40. Generally statistics show that around 40% of Malaysians are in this category.

In order to handle this issue, one of the best alternatives is to empower Malaysians become entrepreneurs. We need to train and instill the attitude of entrepreneurship. Once we have more entrepreneurs and not settling for a day to day income job, we can come out from this B40 category. Indirectly, it will help to grow the nation’s success in terms of economic and social achievements.

Entrepreneur Development Program.

Our way to achieve this entrepreneurship aspiration is through an initiative to train and align those aspiring young entrepreneurs within the business world.

For example you may work as a foreman. But owning and operating a mechanic shed is a different ball game. So this is our direction and way forward. Rather than creating more professionals, we need leading business personalities to lead business.

For this t happen, we need to guide, train and lead them. Once they have obtained the necessary entrepreneurial skills, they will be able to self-sustain and help other aspiring entrepreneurs as well.

On top of that, we will work closely with all the relevant stake holders that will help to realize our dream. This networking will work with all the local government agencies and international agencies. More importantly, we are also looking towards cross boundary business partnerships with other personalities from around the world.

Other assistance that can be rendered as follow:

  • Prepare for Interview session
  • Networking session with other business leaders
  • Business motivation and leadership training
  • Teaching and Guiding on Import and Export methods
  • Market Survey and Analysis
  • Incubator program that will help to create a real setup to run and manage business.

Business Financing from certain financial institutions.