Elite Training Center

Our Elite Training Centre solely teaches aspiring entrepreneurs on pragmatic skills that will be essential to their daily affairs in managing a business.

By keep the theory short, we emphasis on job placement and let the entrepreneurs have a feel becoming as an entrepreneur. We were aspired to see and emulate the success experience by Virgin Group led by Sir Richard Branson. Most of his programs do emphasis on a real job experience then later learn the nitty-gritty of business techniques.

Most business schools only emphasis on academic, but we focus more on practical knowledge that will be better train and equip aspiring entrepreneurs to get a solid feel about the business world.


Our unique training emphasis more on practical knowledge rather than theory. We will provide brief training and then allow the aspiring entrepreneur to engage in real life business world. To monitor them we will assign to a coach and leader who will teach along the way. This makes an entrepreneur more street savvy.

We believe business skills come from practice and managing effectively. There is no short-cut for success, eventually giving birth to winning entrepreneurs.


Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is defined in the AQF as follows: Recognition of prior learning is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the credit outcomes of an individual application for credit.

HRDF Short Courses.

We are recognized by the local government agency recognition given under the Human Resource Ministry.

In this course we ensure that all the aspects of Human Resource, Management and Law is exposed to the students that will be directly used in their working experience.

Overseas studying and working

We have our extensive network in Australia and New Zealand. We encourage young students to study there plus get a working experience. It will be a balanced act. They will get knowledge, experience and importantly make a handful of money to sustain as well as save for further endeavor.

Through our contacts, we will connect them with international colleges, get job placement and any other necessary assistance required for the new traveller. It is also a good exposure to travel and learn the cultures of other people especially on running a business.